Where do you get the articles from?

I follow all the main English-language China news outlets (domestic and foreign), lots of China blogs (check out this list I compiled a while back) and Twitterers. Also, RSS is your friend.

Do you just copy the articles?

I use Diigo to select and highlight. Paragraphs are not necessarily immediately sequential. I then edit and post.

Why don’t you post Chinese articles?

I’m afraid I can’t read Chinese.

Why don’t you post more about the environment/politics/the local music scene? These things are important!

They are, but there are plenty of excellent writers reporting about them. This is a strictly business website.

Why don’t you tag non-Chinese companies operating in China, or whose Chinese operations are important, such as Yum! Foods and Apple?

I feel that those companies get lots of attention in the English-language media. Considering the size of Chinese companies in terms of turnover etc, this is not reflected in the attention they get. This is something I seek to rectify.

Are you just copying Sinocism?

Sure, Sinocism was an inspiration. But it had a much broader remit.

I have a story I’d like linked to. Can I email it to you?

Sure, as long as it is China business-relevant. Mail to mike[at]chinastockswatch.com

Where do you get the stock information and data from?

Google Finance, the FT Market Search and the various stock markets.

Why are you so anti-China/pro-China?

I am neither. I want China to flourish, to be the best it can be. But you can interpret that as you like.

Why are you so ignorant of China?

I may be ignorant in many ways, but I am seeking to become better informed, and to help others to do so.

Who is interested in all this?

Check out who follows the Twitter account to get a sense of that.

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